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Although my career title is Instructional Designer, designing documents and training, on screen and off, is not my only passion. I truly love to design rooms, homes, patios, etc… I’m not a “follower” so to speak of Feng Shui but I do believe they are on the right track when they speak of keeping each room in your home free of clutter. Especially those rooms where you wish to be very productive, such as a home office.

I absolutely love the home decorating channels and shows on cable television, for I gather most of my ideas and incentives from them. I do believe each room should have a theme that is followed throughout. Take a week or two to view the room with no elements and come up with a plan on paper first. Spend an hour or two in the Home Depot paint aisle and see what you can come up with as far as a special color for your theme. It could be an African jungle theme, an Ocean/Beach theme, or even a Sunrise theme.

After you have your plan on paper and colors chosen and the painting is completed you can move to the chore of window treatments. Remember to stay with the theme of the room when choosing between blinds or curtains. When that is complete, if there is nothing to be done with the flooring, you are ready to move in your existing or new furniture.

If you have selected to replace your old furniture, great! One tidbit I would offer is to remember to stick with the theme even in your furniture selections. For example does your theme invoke a dark cherry wood or a light, airy oak finish. Or perhaps white for white beach sands. 😉

I can honestly say that most walk-in stores will not have what you are looking for. To the Web! I say. You can find exactly what you want, something no one else will have, and add that personal touch to your new room. Remember that in order to keep elements from clogging your floors and dresser tops, use unique shelving and bookcases to store memorabilia and other trinkets we all love to display and hold onto. And definitely consider California closets to get the most storage space out of your closets. You could even do it yourself! Check the Organization aisle at your local Home Depot or Lowes type stores.

After the furniture is in place you are ready to dress the wall or walls with just the right artsy touch. Select a picture that goes with your theme or has a touch of the wall color in it to really bring out the room. Here are the last elements you may wish to add: a plant or tree (fake, if you are like me), a table waterfall or fountain, or floor fountain, or zen garden, and scented candles.

I would recommend this site for fountains: The options for indoor fountains are wall, tabletop, floor, and more!

I would recommend the store, Pier 1 Imports, for unique candle holders and candles. Candles do not just set on the tabletop anymore; they can set on the floor in tall holders which provide depth to any room. Pier 1 also offers unique mirrors that other stores would not carry. I would not recommend hanging mirrors in the bedroom (see Feng Shui handbook) but other rooms are fine for adding depth as well.

I hope you found my tidbits helpful. I can honestly say these are great tips because I receive an overwhelming amount of compliments and rave over the rooms in my home. Decorate with your own ideas and lots of love and your home will exude warmth and radiance beyond your expectations. You’ll want to be in it all the time!

Source by Cheryl Powell

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